Mozambique Independence Day

35 years ago today, the Republic of Mozambique became independent from Portugal and we're celebrating on Afri-love with a special post…


Taking place this year, Imagining Mozambique is a travelling art exhibition of pieces created by renowned artists inspired by Mozambican children. Commenting on what they have gone through – civil war, natural disasters and the legacy of colonialism – and imagining new futures, the artists have created works in a variety of media. Prints of the works are up for sale and the money raised goes to ASEM, a charity giving Mozambican children opportunities beyond living in the streets and on the peripheries of society.

From a designer's perspective – it's a great brief – one that would definitely get the creative juices excited and flowing. From the publicity perspective, I can appreciate the use of internationally acclaimed artists. One question that immediately does come to mind though is, why not get local artists involved too? The audience for the exhibition is clearly the West (even the heavily flash website takes quite a while to load for me in the UK, which is a shame as it's really quite innovative). It feels like a missed opportunity to get Mozambicans heard in new spaces.

Blogger Heather on Além de Moçambique observes: 

"Some of the pieces remind me of Bob Dylan's song "Mozambique" in which he just lists things that rhyme with the country's name that may or may not have anything to do with the actual place or people living there.

It's an interesting concept, having a group of artists "imagine" a place that is very real…"

Got the heads up from Fly Girls about this ongoing ad campaign for Mozambique Fashion Week. Check out Creative Roots for the full campaign and translations!

In the spirit of celebration and acknowledging local endeavour and creativity, here's a video of Ghorwane in concert:

For a musical journey of Mozambique via BBC, click here.
Current news, discussions and knowledge about Mozambique here.

Images, clockwise from top left, by: Mat Maitland, SuperelectricCatalina Estrada123 Klan.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the links to my blog. I’m glad someone else found that art project interesting. And, thanks for reminding me it’s Independence Day. I’ve been away too long and completely forgot.

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