Madagascar Independence Day


It's the golden anniversary of Madagascar's independence from France however, given the ongoing political crisis, celebrations may be bittersweet. Nevertheless, in the Afri-love spirit of reflection and optimism, we're celebrating with a taste of things Malagasy. 

Our resources for collecting inspiration were limited to the internet and it was quite difficult to find out information about Madagascar that wasn't: about its biodiversity (being home to 5% of the world's plant and animal species); an expat travel diary or; about some animated animals.

However, we did come across some interesting finds such as Ibonia (short for Iboniamasiboniamanoro, meaning 'he of the clear and captivating glance'), a Malagasy folk tale that has been passed on orally through the centuries. The story has been made available online here.

…And something to get us dancing…

…And of course the beautiful photos at the top of this post by Tokiniaina Rasolofoarimanana.

What gems do you have to share about the legendary spice island?

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