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This website is the result of months, even years, of trying to articulate my relationship with my one great passion – Africa. A kind of relationship shared by  many people that I have come across in all corners of the globe. Talented, intelligent, vibrant, joyful people who channel their unique gifts to inspire even greater awareness and enjoyment of the myriad wonders of that beautiful continent.

In contrast to uninterrogated yearnings for all things from outside and a desire to be other than yourself, a narrative that reminds of the beauty and ability that exists right there inside.

Imagine Africans who love who they are, as they are, and so love each other and the environment that nurtures them. Confident and assertive, they are engaged in charting their growth and celebrating success as defined on their own terms.

In contrast to bleak stories on the news and learned (rather than experienced) preconceptions, a narrative that is filled with ingenuity, innovation and ambition. 

Imagine all who are inspirited by Africa – all whose lives and hearts have been touched by the spirit of the continent – sharing their passion through collaboration, in the name of mutual empowerment.

Imagine all starting by looking inside themselves. Self-discovery, self-awareness, self-love and self-respect. And then true learning, understanding, love and respect of the other. Harnessing the power of emotion to influence great positive change.

This website is a place to document a growing idea. One that will be shaped by all who interact with, interrogate and contribute to it. Through commentary, stories, interviews, ideas for action, shared resources, reviews, news, art and much more, Afri-love hopes to become a community of creativity, knowledge, passion and ideas. 

Love is vital to growth and actualization. 

Be proud. Be inspired. Spread love. Blossom.

*The site will officially launch this Friday, 11 June.

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